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Kurz und gut!

Kurzgeschichten beim Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen

In Zeiten des Zuhause-Bleibens lädt der Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen zu einer Kurzgeschichten-Aktion zum Thema "Aufbruch" ein.
Wer seinen Text auch beim Bundeswettbewerb präsentieren möchte, schickt ihn an, zusammen mit einer Einverständniserklärung.

Gerne veröffentlichen wir auch eure Kurzgeschichten auf unserer Homepage.


Hier ein Beitrag von Niklas Kammer

Just before her alarm went off, Ava woke up due to a loud noise at her window. She rubbed her eyes and decided to have a look. As soon as she opened her window, her eyes popped open as she noticed her best friend Jack standing in front of the window.
“Was that you?” she asked, looking up at him. In 13 years of knowing him, he had never surprised her like he just did.
“Maybe? What if it was?” He responded, then asked, “So how´s life going? Last time I saw you, you had problems with your mother.”
“Nothing has changed. She wants to take me to her new boyfriend. That´d mean I´d have to leave our school”
When Jack heard this, he responded, “No way! I won´t allow you to leave! I´ll wait here. Get ready and come outside through your window.”

[Hier geht es zum kompletten Text]